MH Group has spent more than three decades focusing on becoming a leading Libyan company that provides high-quality products and brands that are found in every Libyan home, business, and community.

Automotive Sales and Distribution

Being the number one independent automobile importer and wholesaler of new cars in Libya without and official brand distributor gives MH Group a solid track record in the industry.  MH Group is ready to become an official formal distributor/dealer for a reputable automobile company.  MH has formed relationships with over thirty independent sub-dealers and can launch or re-launch an auto brand through leading car showrooms and service & repair facilities.

Despite the lack of a formal distributor/dealer franchise agreement, MH is one of Libya’s top two new car importers and wholesalers. In Libya, the group is regarded as one of the top two automobile suppliers to government agencies, ministries, and local governments.

MH Group includes affiliated companies in the Automotive sector selling and servicing different products without having formal franchise for the following car brands: Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Honda, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Range Rover, and others.

Food, Juice and Beverage Manufacturing and Distribution

MH Group owns and operates multiple food, juice and beverage manufacturing and distribution facilities and holdings spanning the entire country. Recognized as the leading local beverage manufacturer in Libya. With a wide range of dairy, juice and soft drink holdings, including Almazraa, Sunrise, Milky, Kidoz and Ice. MH Group currently offers over 50 varieties of beverages and flavors.  In recent years, the group has ventured into the food segment, applying similar leading market-making strategies applied in the Libyan beverage market to the food market, under the Noor, ZeZo, WaWa and All-Day brands.

MH Group is in talks with leading international companies to explore formal distribution, join venture, or manufacturing/bottling partnerships for the Libyan market.

MH Group proudly operates the following companies in the Juice and Beverage Manufacturing and Distribution sector:

  • Almazraa Company, established 1999, Juice, Dairy and Beverage Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Isteerad Company, established 2001, Food Products Sales and Distribution
  • Alaseel Company, established 2002, Food Products Sales and Distribution
  • Noor for Food Industries, established 2017, Dairy and Food manufacturing and distribution
  • ZeZo and WaWa Snacks, established 2019, Potato and Corn Snacks manufacturing and distribution

All-Day Bakery, established in 2021, Baked goods manufacturing and distribution

Construction and real estate

MH established Al Yossr in 2017, a company aimed at diversifying the corporation’s portfolio and entering the construction & real-estate development industry. Al Yossr works on implementing a wide range of commercial real estate projects, carries out all maintenance works for buildings, steel structures and warehouses with high efficiency. In addition, the company is leading companies in painting works, implementing marble and glass facades, and aluminum.

In 2020, the company started offering full turnkey projects for commercial and government clients, most notably successful contracts with the Libyan Ministry of Youth and Sports, for the construction of 5 sports halls across Tripoli, General Electric Company of Libya, for the construction of an office budling.