MH Group

Known for its integrity, quality and reliability, MH Group has successfully partnered and conducted business with the largest and most recognized companies and business groups in the Middle East, North Africa, Canada, China, and Europe.



MH Group (‘MH’ or the ‘group’) is a diversified corporation that has been operating in North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe for over 35 years. The group has partnered with some of the region’s largest and most well-known firms to deliver value, quality products and reliable services. In Libya, MH Group has established itself as a significant independent automotive dealer working with both the private and public sector, in addition to being a large shareholder in some of the country’s leading companies, which includes the leading beverage manufacturer and distributor ‘Almazraa’.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing & Distribution

Large shareholdings in leading food & beverage manufacturers in Libya. With a wide range of snacks, dairy, juice and soft drink brands. MH Group offers an endless variety of flavors and experiences.

Construction and Real-estate development

Implementing a wide range of real estate projects in the field of housing, commercial and entertainment to contribute to the development of the private and public real estate field in Libya.

Automotive Sales & Distribution

Established as a leading independent automobile importer and wholesaler of new cars in Libya. With new car showrooms, service facilities and a network of independent dealers.

Trade & Corporate Services

Operating an array of successful companies that offer corporate client’s export, import, media, advertising, and IT infrastructure services and solutions.

Our Holdings

MH Group has spent more than three decades focusing on becoming a leading Libyan company that provides high-quality products and brands that are found in every Libyan home, business, and community.



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